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Magdalen Islands Elopement or intimate wedding 

What an incredible feeling when aboard the CTMA ferry for several hours, we finally see Entry Island in the distance with its rounded hills... It sets the tone, let's say. The Magdalen Islands are a microcosm of paradise. On 60 km of road, six islands with distinct personalities are located. It is also an excellent gourmet destination in Quebec. Green hills and meadows reminiscent of Ireland or Scotland, sand dunes, colorful houses, red sandstone cliffs, unique lagoons and, above all, 300 km of beaches surrounding the entire archipelago. You can't think of Magdalen Islands without thinking of the wind, which whips or caresses you, depending on the weather... Here, time disappears. It is the perfect location for an intimate wedding or an elopement for adventurous couples in search of freedom.

The perfect spot for couples

In search of freedom
Who like to live to the rhythm of the tides
Who want to be close to all services
Epicureans / Contemplative
Looking for a taste of Ireland or Scotland

Intimate Wedding or elopement on a beach, an island, a cliff or a hill