Love is Nord

About us

A husband and wife team

Our common love of travel led us to landscape photography. Since that first trip together to the Magdalen Islands, we have planned our itineraries based on the epic places we wanted to photograph. Then, one day, long before it became the trend on Instagram, Patrick took pictures of Josée in the landscape. We didn't know it at the time, but Love is Nord was born that day!

Hey! we are Josée & Patrick

We long for being alone in secluded places, we love to chase the horizon line without ever catching it, we feel good when the wind swirls around us. We love the smell of the sea as much as that of the taiga. We could say that nature inspires us and leave it at that. But the truth is, it is when we are outside that our work makes sense. We are lovers of the great outdoors, epicurean contemplatives and passionate travelers. And above all, we are brave enough to be different, just like our couples.

We are so much more than just your photographers

We are also your planners &
your adventure buddies

We are not the show up and shoot type of photographers 

Your wedding day is not a photoshoot. If our images speak to you that much, it is because we take a lot of time to understand our couple's vision and we get to know them well. This bond we create with you both is most important and nothing can replace it's magic.

We prefer to click with people rather than on the shutter

Spend quality time with you both. As intimate wedding and elopement photographers, we love to capture epic moments filled with emotion, intimacy, laughter and joy. That's why we help you organize a day that allows you to follow your own rhythm and gives you the time to live these moments to the fullest.

To breathe it all in

We crave easygoing & true connections

In this traditionnal wedding industry

Like so many couples who don't identify with this industry mostly oriented towards the show off aspect of weddings. You are not the only ones who want your wedding day to be a reflection of who you are as a couple, and not a big performance for everyone else to enjoy. We meet so many couples who want to experience something different, something simpler, more intimate and more aligned to who they are. 

That is why we are here, from beginning to end, to accompany you in this process and prove to you that it is really worth trusting your instinct.

We don't fit

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