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A day that is a true reflection of who you are...


Rather than a big show staged for all others.




You want to exchange your vows at sunrise on a mountain top before joining your family and friends for a brunch? You would rather live this moment just the two of you, alone on an island serenaded by the crashing waves? Or you want to organize a Lobster Party with chosen family and friends on your favorite beach followed by a ceremony at sunset?

Imagine a day where you can freely express yourselves and exchange your vows intimately without the fear of being judged by a large audience.

An intimate wedding DAY

Without fuss
and as who you trully are

Without fuss
and as who you trully are

We want to help you make the courageous choice of a wedding day that feels just like you

And be at your side to guide you and document your amazing day. Because yes, it's possible to get married and say no to all the bells and whistles, the crazy timeline that looks like one of a rock show and to the discomforts that do not fail to show when you try to please everybody else.

It should be your day and that of no one else

You do not have to fall
into the trap of traditions
or how a wedding day should be

You do not have to fall
into the trap of traditions
or how a wedding day should be

Want to live something different?

We Are so much more then just your photographers,

It's your day. Why not live it as you really want? As guides and photographers of intimate weddings and elopements, we have become experts to help you achieve your dream day.

Love is Nord does things differently. If you have browsed our portfolio, our blog or our social medias, you have seen the raw, intimate and playful moments that we capture. You have seen how your personality is shown while magnifying the places around you. We're not trying to recreate poses that don't look like you. We prefer to make you interact in a natural way and we make sure that you are spontaneous towards each other. We want it to look like you, not someone else.

How do we capture in images
those intimate moments?

We don't bother
with staged photos,
stilted poses and forced moments.

Lovers of nature and big travelers, we like to join together people in love and landscapes. We are based in Quebec City and are always ready to help you plan and photograph your wedding day anywhere in the world.

If you like going on adventures, driving beyond dead end signs,  taking deep breaths of fresh air and not doing like everyone else, we are made to get along. Love is Nord offers a wedding experience that you will enjoy at every turn and that you will never regret.

WE ARE Patrick & Josée

A couple of photographers and guides of intimate wedding and elopement.