a unique experience
filled with emotional & epic moments

Besides, we hate the feeling of repeating ourselves. We believe that every couple deserves a totally customized experience. No one likes cookie cutter!

It's important for us to get to know you and through conversation, we'll help you envision your perfect day. Then, we'll do extensive research of locations that match your vision. We'll present you with some options and discuss all the possibilities until we find the perfect location.

Then, we can connect you with local vendors and help you plan a day of unique activities.

Every couple is unique

We never photograph the same elopement twice

And that we focus only on the moments that you are living.

We prefer candid photos taken in the moment and especially without making you pose. We want your photos to look like you and not like everyone else's, which is why we take the time to capture your own tender little gestures and the true complicity between the two of you.

We believe that the best adventures are the ones where we forget about time...

Magic happens
when you give it time...

That's why we put aside our watches

You will be able to relive again and again, through candid photos, the day you made a commitment to each other. They will reflect who you are as a couple and your wonder at the discovery of epic landscapes.

Moments to cherish and Epic Photo Gallery

We love helping couples plan their dream wedding in an intimate and heartfelt way. We're there for you every step of the way, whether it's brainstorming, coming up with original activity ideas or referring local vendors who understand your vision.

Planning help and unlimited consultation

We are especially passionate about helping you find hidden treasures and off-the-beaten-path locations to exchage your vows.

location ideas

We deeply believe that it is more important to click with people than on the shutter.  We know how essential the chemistry is between the ones in front and behind the camera.

Two Invested

The Love is Nord experience

What to expect

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The most frequently asked questions are answered here.

What is an elopement?

What is an elopement?

Coming from the verb to elope meaning to run away. This definition has evolved over time and has become the perfect synonym for an intimate way of getting married, focused solely on your relationship and what you experience together and not on the myriad of commercial distractions that the wedding industry offers. 

This doesn't mean you should run off and get married without telling anyone! While a traditional wedding can have hundreds of guests, an elopement is a more intimate experience and usually includes only the couple and sometimes a few guests (less than 15 people).

This means that it is much easier to get married in beautiful natural settings that would not otherwise be accessible. Most couples who choose to elope are not doing it to save money, but because they want their wedding day to be a reflection of who they are, not a big show made to fit in.

To learn more, check out this blog post: What is an elopement?

We don't know where to elope. Can you help us find a location?

We don't know where to elope. Can you help us find a location?

Yes, absolutely! This is one of our favorite part of our job. In fact, most of the couples we work with have no idea where they want to get married or just have a rough idea of the area when they contact us.

When we meet, we talk with you for a long time to understand your vision for your day, your musts and your limitations (physical, budgetary or other) that we will have to deal with. Only after we understand what you want to experience on your wedding day, do we make suggestions for personalized locations. This is why almost all of our elopements take place in locations that our couples didn't even know existed until they contacted us! 

We are experienced travelers, lost corner hunters, dead end adventurers! We are especially passionate about helping you find hidden treasures and off-the-beaten-path locations to exchange your vows. We'll be happy to give you lots of suggestions based on your tastes. We have been traveling through the beautiful playground that is the province of Quebec for many years and have photographed many intimate weddings and elopements. We will certainly help you choose the perfect spot for you ;)

For more info, we suggest you read: Where to elope in Quebec?

Your website indicates that you are based in Quebec City. Are you available in All canada & worldwide?


Oh yeah! Originally from Montreal, we have been living in beautiful Quebec City for a few years now. We love to travel as much for pleasure as for work. Don't hesitate to tell us about your projects no matter where in the world you want to go. We are here to help you with the logistics and planning that such an adventure represents.

Which languages do you speak?

Which languages do you speak?

We speak French and English. Our knowledge of Spanish, Italian and German goes back a long way LOL

Guten Tag! Wie geht es Ihnen? Ich heiße Josée. Wie heißen Sie?

Is an elopement a legal marriage?

is an elopement a legal marriage?

Yes, absolutely! As long as the wedding ceremony is performed according to the laws of the province or country it takes place, an elopement is completely legal.

For example, in Quebec, the marriage must be celebrated before a competent officiant and in the presence of at least two witnesses. We can help you find an officiant who will accompany you through the administrative process. The officiant can also be someone close to you. And if you decide to celebrate your union in privacy, we can also act as witnesses and sign the required documents.

You can also choose to sign the papers in the weeks before or after your elopement and focus only on the vows you will exchange on your intimate wedding day. This allows you to not be limited by the administrative side of things and to imagine your wedding day as you want it to be. It's safe to say that about one in two couples choose to sign the official papers on another day.

We are rather introverted. We don't know what to do in front of a camera...

We are rather introverted. We don't know what to do in front of a camera...

We get it. You don't want to have a camera under your nose all day.

Your wedding day is not a photoshoot! We have a very natural approach. We use a variety of lenses so you can enjoy the beauty of the scenery and absorb the majesty around you without feeling tracked. And we gently guide you as you interact naturally with each other and the environment. And because we will have gotten to know each other during the planning process of your elopement, it will feel much more like a gathering of friends than a meeting of strangers.

We are not big hiking fans. Is it possible to do without?

We are not big hiking fans. Is it possible to do without?

This may surprise you, but most of the locations you see pictured on our website are easily accessible.

When we make suggestions for your elopement location, we take into account several factors, including accessibility. If you don't feel like hiking on your wedding day, we can suggest several epic locations that are easily accessible.

What do we do if the weather is bad?

What do we do if the weather is bad?

If you decide to have an outdoor wedding adventure, it implies that you're ready to embrace rain, snow and all! We're used to photographing in all seasons and all kinds of weather conditions.

Of course, we're not crazy. If ever the weather is too bad or could be dangerous, we put into action plans B, C or D that we will have taken the time to elaborate with you in advance. As elopement photographers, being flexible is second nature.

Can we invite family and friends to our elopement?

can we invite family and friends to our elopement?

If that's what will make your day perfect, sure!

Be aware that an elopement is considered a small intimate wedding with less than 15 guests and that there are many ways to include your family and friends. Read this blog post to learn more about How to include your family and friends? (english version coming soon)

We are a same sex couple that want to get married...

We are a same sex couple that want to get married...

Do you love each other? That's all that matters. All love is love.